Pending at the White House- June 2017 – CUBA

Less than a year ago, during Obama’s White House, Cuba was making headlines at least once a week. Slowly packing up the White House, we had photos of our steadily grayed, handsome and exotic President in Cuba, shaking hands with Raul, before joining Michelle, his brilliant bride and their grown/glowing daughters touring Havana’s historical sites.

As Hillary’s a new server was being delivered to the White House, there was Trump shoving his way in. Who knows what kind of world it would have been with a different cast of characters and unique sensibilities.

Today, Trump’s family White House has proven to be more of a gritty, daily Media/Reality show crafted in Twitter bites. A run-away hit from Siberia, set on golden rails, and powered by coal, it’s on it’way to the promised land in the rich, trillion dollar oil fields of Saudi Arabia. Wait! Who’s on 3rd? I might have gotten that wrong. I lost track of our defense dollars in Iraq or Iran. Who’s watching Turkey’s back? What ever happened in Cuba?

As soon as I know, you’ll know. Till then, take care of each other… Meantimem read USA Today link below:

"Hangin' Out" on the Malecon - Havana, Cuba

Here’s yesterday’s news update from USA TODAY
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