Why Travel to Cuba with us?
Our “DISCOVER CUBA, Medical Education and Culture Tours” are tailored to U.S. Doctors and Nurses, interested in Global Healthcare in Cuba.
Community Medicine and its Impact on the Quality of Life in the Population” was the first of its kind, created by Matanzas University to “Warm Up and Welcome,” the U.S. Medical Profession
Lectures by medical experts at Cuban Universities, Medical Centers, and Clinics include:
  • Center of Molecular Immunology (Centro de Inmunolog√≠a Molecular).
  • Learn about Nimotuzumab, the antibody used to treat cancer. Nimotuzumab has been administered to more than 4,400 patients worldwide through commercial sales and is currently in phase II clinical trials in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Latin American School of Medicine, (ELAM) is operated by the Cuban Government, and known as the largest Medical School in the world.
  • FREE tuition, room, and board for more than 10,000 enrolled students from all over the world, including the U.S.
  • University of Medical Sciences at Villa Clara; clinical trials; Scientific Research, and Health Services, including Maternal & Child Health, Experimental Toxicology, and Immunohistochemistry.
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Turkey has been a widely known and highly respected European Healthcare hub for thousands of years.
You could say the Romans discovered Turkey’s medical benefits while carving a path across Europe.
Today, Ankara’s Bilkent City Hospital is the largest health facility in Europe;
3,704 beds including 44 suites, 22 grand- and eight-king suite rooms.
128 operating theaters,
1,011 polyclinics, and 700 intensive care beds.
Turkish Airlines, is a Star Alliance member, has a solid reputation as one of the best in the world and covers a worldwide route:
Groundwork in Thailand has been established over the years with the full cooperation of hospitals, universities and gov’t agencies.
Thailand’s Military continues to keep the peace. Difficult to judge when the next election will take place, but we can always put a group together privately.
Compared to the U.S., Thailand is relatively peaceful and safer than ever.
Bangkok’s traffic is a nightmare and continues to get worse. However, public transportation is excellent, and “Grab” a ride takes the hassle out of negotiating the cost of the trip beforehand with a taxi.
Bangkok’s Yanhee International Hospital continues to welcome locals as well as medical tourists for more than just beauty.
Yanhee is one of the top transgender specialists in the world and operates under the strictest international hospital standards and privacy. For more information about hospitals in Bangkok
Hope to be re-visiting Malaysia again soon, to experience their natural mineral springs.
The last time I visited was in 2014, and found Malaysia a beautiful, developing nation, with brand new infrastructure and immaculate streets.
Malaysia is an important Hospital hub for Muslim countries, where healthcare is strictly of the highest Western standards and alternative medicine is widely accepted.
Malay people are delightfully unassuming, and thanks to a mid-1800’s British invasion, most speak English.
The food is a delicious mixture of textures and spices with Indian and Chinese influence. Shopping is sophisticated, the beaches endless and pristine.
The newly elected government sounds very promising.