Over the years, I’ve interviewed Doctors, patients, and ex-pats in Thailand, Malaysia, and Turkey at worldwide Conferences.
The general consensus? Thailand, Malaysia, and Turkey are about 10 years ahead of U.S. Healthcare system in:
  • Digital Healthcare Records
  • Direct Payment to the practitioner
  • The Art of Healing Communication
  • Follow up care
  • Respecting and Integrating Alternative Medicine (i.e., Nutrition, Acupuncture, TCM)
  • Job Satisfaction
It’s time for a change and a new international perspective on healthcare.
In the past, any mention of dental or medical services performed outside the U.S., was met with, “What are you thinking? Healthcare in 3rd world countries?!” No sense in arguing.
If only they could see what I’ve seen in these developing nations:
  • a Joint Commission International (JCI) approved
  • b. Western styled hospitals with cutting-edge equipment.
  • c. All nurses are highly qualified, Registered Nurses.
  • C. Practically non-existent (HAI) Hospital Acquired Infections, i.e., site, staff, MRSA, c.difficile.