Medical Education Adventures is dedicated to expanding healthcare into a global operation.
Less than 20 years ago, According to WHO, (World Health Organization), the United States was #1 in healthcare.
Today the U.S. ranks #38, Slovenia #39, and Cuba #40, (#36 in preventative care).
During this critical period of adjustment in the U.S. healthcare system, our Study Abroad Programs aim to integrate U.S. Science and Medicine with the best of what is already available abroad, in Cuba, Turkey, Malaysia, and Thailand; countries I’ve visited in the past, first as a patient, (not in Cuba) then as a Medical Tourism Journalist/Blogger: MedicalTourismLite, BBAblog.
My hope is that by cooperating with other countries, the U.S. may find itself clearing a path to a new paradigm of expertise and advancements in the future of U.S. healthcare, and the world. Future ACCME accreditation is still our goal.
Cuba’s Medicine, Education & Culture Tours
Community Medicine and its Impact on the Quality of Life in the Population
Four days of touring – three days of networking, roundtable workshops, and presentations.
(I still find of this hijacked video about Medical School in 2013 Cuba charming, so I hope you continue to enjoy it on the front page for a while.)
Gearing up for CUBA 2020
Moving Forward
Our international team set the wheels in motion for future CME accreditation by the American Medical Association to Cuba, Turkey, Thailand, and Malaysia.
Each country’s responsive Ministries have made assurances of their cooperation and reliability in our efforts to meet official, accredited, U.S. ACCME requirements.
It’s no secret how complicated the political situation is in Cuba. The last few years devoted to accreditation, along with complicated travel planning, to ensure a rich cultural, “unplugged” experience is over. Due to the existing Embargo in Cuba, my hands are tied, until something changes, or a miracle happens.
Cuban Healthcare aside, I hear an NY Med School is giving away medical scholarships in 2018.
Heading East again – to Thailand and Malaysia. The last time I was Thailand, the PM calmed any fears about foreign terrorists or particularly Korean aggression by stating that Thailand gets along with everyone.
Malaysia is back in the picture. Getting good reports about the new government and its positive views on promoting Malaysia as a medical tourism destination. Great news because Malaysia’s Western Medicine hospitals are amazing and advanced. The food is wonderful, the people are charming and most speak English.
Alternative Practitioners and those whose jobs support the healthcare field are interested in learning about health care in Cuba, not necessarily for CME credits.
We’ve been asked to expand our reach to include ANA accreditation for our nurses and Physical therapists.
International physicians are welcome to join us. Most continue to learn and share their knowledge in a global marketplace, even without accreditation.
Accredited CME providers at University Medical Hospitals across the U.S., are invited to work with us directly. If you prefer focusing your studies in a particular field, simply request information about Study Abroad Programa in your preferred Area of Specialty:
*Cardiac *Diabetes *​HIV/Aids *​Ocular *​Oncology *​Orthopedic * ​Pediatric *Communicable Diseases
Newest Headlines
Thanks to “giguma gig” for almost 10 minutes in Cuba 2013 w/music. Great editing job too! In contrast to the Cuba I saw in 2016, which was crowded with mostly American tourists.
In today’s 2018, I imagine the streets are quiet again, and there’s no chance of a traffic jam, but I hear the internet is getting a little better because investments that were made in anticipation of better times. Enjoy!
Once in Jaimanitis, don’t miss the local Community Clinic in Fusterlandia. It’s the home and studio of renowned Cuban Artist, Jose Fuster.
Hemingway’s charming Cuban Home and Studio Finca Vigia, near the fishing village of Jaimanitas, is another UNESCO World Heritage site.

2018 Wrap up

FREE? By now, you’ve all heard about the FREE Medical Scholarships offered at NYU? Are you certain the shoe fits? UPDATE: Circumstances faced by Cuban

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