Cuba News – Post Trump Dump

Melia Hotels are Spanish owned

Waiting and hoping to include some good news in CME-Abroad’s “last” post about Continuing Medical Education in Cuba for 2017, but the news got from bad to worse, starting with

To be clear:

1. YOUR TRAVEL AFFIDAVIT/LICENSE WAS and still IS legally listed under EDUCATIONAL/Scientific category.

2. TO DATE: NO TRUMP CHANGES have been executed, or expected until 2018.

3. TO DATE: No official list of approved hotels have been supplied by OFAC.

But let’s not waste time attempting to work around a stinky system by using foreign owned hotels or local AirBnBs. Things could change overnight. as they have repeatedly. At this time in political history, I suggest you postpone your visit to Cuba, unless it’s for humanitarian reasons.

Last week, Embassy diplomats leaving Havana to accept posts Spain and Canada:

This one’s been building up the last few days:

And today’s latest – Sonar suspicions as U.S Diplomats go deaf and blind

However, if you are interested in planning a group sail around Cuba on a small ship or yacht, and/or you can supply your own CME during the cruise – CME-Abroad is working with Greek owned Variety and MCI Cruises. Please contact us for more information.

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