Dear Cuba, Sending love and the best of Spring, in a Trumped-up world.

Leaving Univ. of Havana

Just tired of waiting for Cuba to be a new hub for Medical Tourism & Wellness. Right now, my teeth could use some attention, so I’m off to Thailand to learn about the new King, enjoy a few weeks of physical therapy and new smile when I get home. All thanks to Yanhee Hospital in Bangkok.

“Happy trails to you. See you next time!

“… health systems need to be more responsive to people’s expectations of good customer service when they use health care. Whereas every other service domain is becoming more attuned and responsive to user feedback, health systems too often fail to hear or value their users’ preferences, which results in inconvenient hours, inflexible rules, unpleasant administrators or, in extreme cases, disrespectful or even abusive treatment.9 This type of experience dissuades people from coming back or adhering to care, thereby diminishing the health system’s ability to improve health.


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