Why travel to Turkey?
The Medical Tourism Conference in Istanbul, Turkey, was a real eye opener! Thanks to my friend Soner, at I was able to tour at least two hospitals and clinics daily – some of the world’s most luxurious.
Heartfelt thanks to all the folks who went out of their way to ensure my research went smoothly. On the schedule were 5-star hospitals and Turkish spas, including Turkish Hammams and an assortment of Natural Springs, and rejuvinetion clinics from Istanbul, to Ankara, to the Agean coast in Dinizli.
Schedule a sail on the trade routes of antiquity – early, as they are seasonal and don’t leave every day, all day.
Allow extra time to connect to the communication highways in the ancient world – especially at a local Starbucks or Turkish pension lobby. Some days, even the 5-star hotels are iffy… in Turkey.
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